Does Surfshark Work With Netflix?

Before you buy a VPN, you might be asking, will my VPN unblock streaming, such as Netflix? Surfshark is among one of the best VPN clients out there. So many people ask, does Surfshark work with Netflix?

In short, yes, Surfshark works with Netflix. To be honest, it would not be among our top ranking VPN services if it did not.

Let’s dive deeper into the matter for those who may not understand what all this means.

VPN and Netflix Unblocking

If you are new to a VPN, you might not entirely understand why you’d need a VPN to unblock Netflix content.

I mean, if you use Netflix, don’t you get everything they offer?

In many cases, this is true. You can watch a Netflix original program anywhere, anytime, so long as you have login credentials that work.

But when Netflix signs on a show they did not produce, things get murky. Those who sell the rights of a show to Netflix have stipulations which we call “licensing agreements.”

Here’s a hypothetical example. If Netflix buys Everyone Loves Raymond episodes, those episodes may not be available in the UK. If you reside in the UK, you could potentially use a VPN to display your address as being in the United States and gain access to the Netflix USA library. This, in turn, would allow you to watch Everyone Loves Raymond.

That’s a hypothetical, I don’t know if Netflix offers that show. I’m just making a point.

Netflix Discourages, Bans VPN Technology

Netflix doesn’t technically allow VPN clients. That’s for the obvious reasons that they allow users around the world to spoof their IP address and access restricted content.

Netflix doesn’t want a VPN unblocking their content.

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This is why Netflix unblocking is a big deal for a VPN’s benefits. Many users seek out VPN services that do unblock Netflix.

The big takeway is that not all VPN services will unblock Netflix, so choose wisely if this happens to be a big deal for you.

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