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How do we choose the best VPNs?

The question “What is the best VPN?” is far from easy to answer. A VPN often has many possible applications and functionalities, meaning different people use different VPNs for different reasons.

In other words, which VPN is “the best” for you will depend on your situation and needs. For instance, if you’re a Linux user, some VPN services won’t be compatible with your operating system. In a similar case, many VPN providers won’t be able to help you watch the American version of Netflix outside the US. If you need to get around country-wide internet restrictions, such as is the case in China, you’ll need a VPN that’s capable of that.

Just like any other company, every VPN provider has to make choices on how to invest their time and money. This means that some VPNs will excel at offering fast connections at a low price, some will be great at geo-unblocking and others will offer a great allround VPN experience, but with a higher price tag. As an extention of this, free VPNs generally tend to be much more limited than paid ones.

Due to this large number of factors, we aimed to cover as much ground with our “Best VPN” articles as possible. We researched which VPNs are the best option for specific purposes, systems, devices, and situations. This way, we can tell you exactly what you need to know, whether you’re looking for the best free VPNs, best cheap VPNs, or best VPN providers for Mac.